~~Dear Homeowner,
   My name is Dan Stiles with Home Sweet Home Realty. I sincerely wish you the best in selling your home.
   Times are hard and I can appreciate that you are trying to save money by not using a Realtor. What if I could show you a way to use me as your Listing Agent and still achieve your “bottom line” or “net proceeds”? I’ll admit it is not always possible, but most of the time you would be surprised. And the best part is that it is free. I will even buy you a cup of coffee just to meet with me. If I can’t save you money, you don’t list your home with me. It’s that simple.
   Things most Homeowners don’t take into consideration when trying to save money by selling their own homes. The number of mortgage payments alone is a huge financial drain. Taxes, utilities, upkeep and your time are often not added into the equation. Money is spent to have their home listed, but they aren’t informed that it can’t possibly pay for marketing and Realtor knowledge of properties and negotiations. Did you know most buyer’s Agents are unlikely to bring buyers to see an FSBO property unless the Homeowner will pay them the same commission they'd expect from a listing agent? So while sellers usually are motivated by their desire to save the real estate agent's commission, typically 6 or 7 percent, they end up spending more than they would have if they had listed with a Realtor to begin with. Just a thought.
   Thanks for taking the time to read this. I would appreciate the opportunity to assist you in selling your home if you ever do decide to list with a Realtor. I understand that many sellers don't have the time, flexibility or expertise to create ads and show the house. We are a small company with lower listing commissions, aggressive marketing techniques paid for by the company and no hidden administrative fees. We are some of the hardest working Agents in the business and promise to offer our expertise on pricing, preparing and marketing the home, as well as screening buyers to make sure they can qualify for a mortgage.
   If nothing else, please keep these small gifts and give one of my cards to someone you know may be selling their home.
Dan Stiles-Home Sweet Home Realty-816.606.5810-danthemancan.com